Hi, I'm Shell.

Just like you, I can’t handle reality from time to time, so I turn to the big screen.

(This may or may not actually be a blog about my mental disorders.)

Read by book review for David Spade’s A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World.

My Valentine’s day pick: “Ps: I still love you”

Another teenage movie? Heck, yes! Keep ’em coming!

I mean, some are better than others and NOTHING will ever compare to anything starting Molly Ringwald, but people are allowed to try, right?

Before you get too excited… I must say the sequel to “To all the boys I loved before” is not my favorite…

Today I watched Booksmart

Aren’t you worried that I’m a nearly-40-year-old woman watching teenage movies? Well, my husband is. But there’s a perfectly existing explanation for this. It is not reasonable, but it’s certainly there.

You see, like many if you…

I live in Canada now. Canada has made me weirder. I shall not bitch about Canada, though.

Instead, I’ll share with you a few personal stories and tell you what it feels for me to be an immigrant in this beautiful and so, so empty country.

It takes a moment.

Here’s what, gorgeous creatures of the internet. I’ve been keeping a blog since… what? 2001? 1999? Who knows. Originally, my posts were in Portuguese. So, I am slowly creating content in English. Be patient!

Rain and Film

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