Funko Pops

NOOOOOOOO!!! I don’t wanna be the person who will skip a perfectly balanced meal so she can afford a snoopy funko pop… but I see it happening. Let me make a note here and say: the kids are eating fine. It is MY own meal I’ll skip.

I actually have to slow myself down here ’cause I could go manic mode super easily when it comes to collecting toys. I love toys, I think I would be great at designing toys and I absolutely overbuy toys for my kids just because I mostly want them for myself!

So far, my pop collection is borderline normal and not actually borderline borderline-personality like the ones that belong to some instagrammers out there with over 1000 funkos. Yeah, I see you and you need therapy (but then again, we all do).

Most of all, I love taking pictures of my toys and creating sceneries. You know, like Tim Burton does, except with serious budget limits in my case.

Charlie Brown is by far my favorite undefinedbut I also like photographing colorful ones like snow white…

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