I like David Spade and I am probably not a feminist.

Do I get the “worst mom of all times award” just for liking David Spade’s book? I mean, I had no clue! I thought it was hilarious and I was also totally under the impression that David and I were best friends because: We basically lived the same life in high school. He (or hisContinue reading “I like David Spade and I am probably not a feminist.”

Booksmart ( a.k.a. Superbad, for girls )

Booksmart is one of those movies about teenagers that are not supposed to be watched by unsupervised teenagers. So, my guess is… it’s a movie for parents (much like “13 reasons why”)… so there’s nothing weird about the fact that I have already watched it 3 times in a month, right? I may be justContinue reading “Booksmart ( a.k.a. Superbad, for girls )”

How Canada has turned me into a worse person.

I am now going to use the first post of my soon-to-be very popular blog to warn newcomers of something a little less obvious than the low temperatures of the country that welcomed my family with wary arms: Canada will most likely turn you into the talkative old lady you used to run away from.Continue reading “How Canada has turned me into a worse person.”